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Prof. Dr. Stephan Martin, München

Can you recall your own childhood? Those were the days you wanted to go out and discover the entire world, when you loved the aroma from grandmother’s fried potatoes, when you raced with other children for all you were worth, when you repaired your bike together with your dad and were allowed mother bake biscuits.

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ungerer-Röhrich, Bayreuth

Helping children, teenagers and their families develop a lifestyle with adequate exercise and a balanced diet has become a major challenge facing all of society. This is shown by the results of a number of surveys, which document a worrying increase in the number of overweight children and a significant deterioration in the motor skills over the past three decades. Children and young people are today growing up in a society dominated by the activity of – sitting: from the school, through motorised transport, all the way to working life and even leisure activities.


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