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Development of movement behaviour


Parents should provide the incentive at an early age

In our society, although many parents actively encourage suitable and progressive mental development of their children, they all too frequently neglect to develop the movement behaviour of their offspring from an early age. The consequences of this deficit are clear to see: more and more children and young people are overweight, in many cases even obese, which in turn often leads to serious secondary complications. One very significant reason for this is simple lack of adequate movement: energy input and energy utilisation are then not in a healthy balance, even at ages of rapid growth. Dr. Axel Armbrecht, medical director of the German Institute for Movement Therapy (Eutin), therefore calls for parents to provide sufficient and suitable movement incentives, even when their children are still toddlers. “Make for your child a crawling pen with a lot of cushions of different sizes”, Dr. Armbrecht recommends. A child that does not have adequate opportunity for crawling will later find it very difficult to react to changed floor surfaces and positions.

It is also very important that children be trained in unaccustomed movements from the earliest age. One simple example for practice: after baby’s diaper has been changed, various points on his body are daubed with cream. The baby is then encouraged to go look for this spots of crème and point to them.

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