28.09.09 15:15

Overweight and motionless


The generation of computer game victims

Why was the problem of overweight children at most a side issue in former generations? The answer is simple: kids in times past were permanent in movement during their leisure time. Energy intake and energy consumption were in a healthy balance. The situation has, however, changed fundamentally in recent years: more and more children spend their leisure time almost exclusively in passive activities such as computer games and TV viewing. This is the fundamental problem of the so-called XL generation: their lack of physical movement. Parents today therefore have the duty more than ever before to bring movement into the everyday lives of their children. They also have to do this against the competition of electronic media – which is often anything but an easy task. But all the more necessary: “It is always worthwhile supporting children in developing their physical fitness. As this also has a decisive influence on the mental development of young people”, according to Dr. Axel Armbrecht, medical director of the German Institute for Movement Therapy (Eutin). Regular physical activity from the start moreover provides the soundest basis for stabile and resilient health.

Photo: Komm’ in Schwung

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