Foreword by Prof. Dr. Stephan Martin

Prof. Dr. Stephan Martin, München

Can you recall your own childhood? Those were the days you wanted to go out and discover the entire world, when you loved the aroma from grandmother’s fried potatoes, when you raced with other children for all you were worth, when you repaired your bike together with your dad and were allowed mother bake biscuits.

I love to think back on my childhood. It was a beautiful time and I felt sheltered and happy. A happy childhood is one of the best presents parents can ever give their children. My parents promoted the positive in me – encouraging my strengths, skills and experience. They helped me manage difficult situations, showed me how to appreciate the things that really matter. They above all gave to me self-confidence and thus the best possible basis for my future personal, educational and career development. They were, and today still are, important role models for me.

Parents do a lot for their children. They have earned great respect and appreciation with their vital contribution.

If you are a parent of a young child or if you ever, perhaps due to the stress of daily life, lack the necessary verve, we would like to offer you some support with this website. It can help you learn to think positively, and recognise goals, possibilities and strengths before problems, obstacles and weaknesses in yourself and your children. It will above all help you get your children, and sometimes even yourself, going. Zest, movement, dynamism and motivation are an important basis for a healthy and positives life.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who worked on this very challenging project, and also thank Ferrero Deutschland for its engagement and its invaluable assistance, without which the website would have been impossible. Leading scientists have outlined their ideas on various subjects in this site, and I am sure you will find there much to interest you. Get into the swing of things: that is one of the most important messages for you if you wish to help yourself and your children avoid what is currently called diseases of civilisation. Maintain a positive attitude to the world and enjoy an active life!

Prof. Dr. Stephan Martin
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation
“Motivation for Lifestyle Change”

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