Foreword by Prof. Ungerer-Röhrich

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ungerer-Röhrich, Bayreuth

Helping children, teenagers and their families develop a lifestyle with adequate exercise and a balanced diet has become a major challenge facing all of society. This is shown by the results of a number of surveys, which document a worrying increase in the number of overweight children and a significant deterioration in the motor skills over the past three decades. Children and young people are today growing up in a society dominated by the activity of – sitting: from the school, through motorised transport, all the way to working life and even leisure activities.

The goal of the project “Get Going – the clever everyday plan for fit children” is to give you valuable tips and ideas on how children can be motivated to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle. The recommendations are formulated in an easily understandable way and combined with exercises you can integrate in your daily life, so-called Movies, and that can be practised in every family. The Internet site is updated regularly, translations into several languages are currently being prepared.
Plattform Ernährung und Bewegung e.V. (peb – Nutrition and Movement Platform) welcomes this initiative as one further element in the campaign to guide nutrition and activity behaviour towards a healthy lifestyle. Why not take part and obtain some inspiring ideas, discover the joy of movement – your whole family will profit from it.

Prof. Ungerer-Röhrich
Chairman of Plattform Ernährung und Bewegung e.V. (peb)

Get Going